Having Faith


Tami Romani, Stephanie Ciccarelli, Faith Coons at VOICE2012

‘Nothing I love better than digging around the internet, and finding stories from local newspapers about my friends in VoiceOver.

A couple of years ago, I first came across the name Kelley Buttrick this way.  The December 2010 article about her in the online version of her hometown Athens, GA newspaper was the subject of my blog on  Dec 16th of that year.  Now Kelley is one of my closer friends in the business.  We share a monthly VO MasterMind call, and we even shared a brunch here in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

I don’t expect to get buddy-buddy with every voice artist about which I find a newspaper article.  I’m just proud of them for being contributory to the reality of dong voice overs in this day and age;  especially when there’s a good bit of misinformation out there.  It’s also a wonderful promotional tool for the talent’s prospects in the local market.  There was also this blog about Markham Anderson in August of 2012…in a Michigan newspaper.

Now, I find a similar exposure in the local paper for VO friend Rocio Faith Coons: a July 2nd article in the Wauwatosa Times online version. For the uninitiated, Wauwatosa is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb.

Wauwatosa Times reporter Michael Runyon gives an honest running account of Rocio’s class that day in a Recreation Department-sponsored class at a local High School.  Runyon also describes some of Coons’ own walk as an 8-yr-veteran of voice-overs.

I especially appreciate that she apparently tried to impress upon those gathered for the class that success in voice overs is 50/50 business savvy and talent (although, I’d put it more at 80/20)  :)

Give the article a quick read, and tell me if you don’t find a lot of similarities in your own walk.

Nice going  Faith!


Get Legal

Robert Sciglimpaglia’s been regularly knocking down VO milestones since he seriously began acting in 2005.  His most recent coup was as a principal character in a Super Bowl ad (Chevy Happy Grad).

Clearly, being on stage, on cam, and behind the mic is his passion, but Robert has not entirely abandoned his first profession.  He’s also an attorney.

As a member of SaVoa’s Executive Board, Robert offers legal advice for the organization, and is known for his generous counsel on contracts, business-licensing, taxes, unions, and many more potentially-complicated topics for his fellow voice actors.

Now, he’s just finished authoring a legal guide for voice-actors that is both comprehensive and affordable.

See this PR announcement for a background on the book:  Voice Over LEGAL.

VoiceOverXtra‘s John Florian is overseeing the publishing and distribution of the book (not quite yet released), and there, you’ll find more details about the book, and when and how you can acquire a digital (e-book or pdf formats) of Voice Over LEGAL.

Nice going Rob…we’re proud of ya!



Google Search Algorithm Changing – Faster, Fresher

My thanks to VO friend Steven Lowell for pointing out this article to me.

This has the potential to change the way a lot of people handle their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine maraketing).

It also leaves open some real possibilities to garner greater search success for your marketing/product if you constantly push out fresh content  (at least that’s how I read it).


StrongArming Stress

So funny that I got such a supportive response to yesterday’s blog about Caring for your Cords.  By the end of the day Tuesday, I was coming down with a sore throat.  Ack!  (self-fulfilling prophecy?)

On top of that, I had a full load at the TV station, a ton of work to do in my VO studio, I’m trying to develop yet another cutting-edge resource on Social Media that is a total time-suck, I’m preparing for a flight Saturday to the Midwest, and I’ve got a new puppy peeing on the carpet everywhere!


Unbelievably one of my favorite freelance websites had just the solution:  Freelance Folder.

In her excellent article:  FREELANCING STRESS 3.0, Author Laura Spencer lays out today’s big stress generators, and provides 11 helpful links for understanding stress, dealing with stress, and not letting it defeat you — specifically for freelance VO’s like you.

Take a  moment to read, and then….take a deep breath and tell  yourself it’s gonna be alright!



7 Scariest Words for Freelancers


This quick, concise article explaining how to handle that deadly sentence comes from Freelance-Zone.com…a great resource you should bookmark, or take their RSS feed, or otherwise flag for regular visits.

Take a moment to click the link below and read it. Some useful information especially for those of us in the Voice Over business…’cause there’s almost ALWAYS “…just a couple of little changes..” Right?



Bein’ in the VO Know

Once again, I find a flood of VO material, and feel compelled to pass it along in a brief list form for you.  Chances are, some of you have seen this stuff already, but I can ‘t assume that, so please pick through the following list of resources gleaned from online VO resources over the Easter weekend.  There are some real gems here.

1)  Paul Strikwerda’s third installment of Building a Booth on a Budget. Paul is a wonderful writer, and great on advice.

2) Derek Chappell is a rising star in the world of VO (not to mention a really nice guy), and he reveals a wonderful resource in his Derek Chappell’s VoiceOver Blog, The Voice of Your Business on April 22: “A Tip for your VO – CMO Skills” referring to a CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape.  (CMO=Chief Marketing Officer).

3)  Pat Fraley‘s been busy posting YouTube videos again, and two of the latest/greatest are:  “A Narrator’s Breathing Lesson“, and a listen to “Three Killer AudioBook Demos“.

4)  Julie Williams‘ always-helpful newsletter includes this paragraph about Word2Wav, a wonderful recording/editing tool for jobs requiring the creation of MANY files: Word2Wav just unveiled an update which works without MS Office and has some other improvements. He’s also offering two levels of licensing… a professional level, still $295 (and WELL worth the money!!!!) and a standard license without the audio editor and batch processor, for only $175. On top of that…he’s giving $50 for each Professional and $25 for each Standard license you purchase by the end of May if you mention the VoiceOver Insider.  Go to www.Word2Wav.com . Visit Julie’s VO Forum http://www.voiceoverforum.com, and/or write her directly to get on her mailing list:  julie@voice-overs.com.  Thanks for all that, Julie!

5) Voice over talent  Dave Wallace posted in my FB Group “Voice Over-Friends” a link to a great site with SEO tips.  (almost as ubiquitous as social media tips!  ;-})  Link Building tips to Prevent Google Penalties.

6)  Brandon Drury of the Recording Review posts a mic shootout link in his forum.  Here’s the list of mics:  Shure SM57, Royer R121, Soundelux U99, AKG 414, MD 421, Audio Technica AT 4033, MXL V63M, Sennheiser PL-20, Shure SM7, Behringer ECM 8000, Audio Technica AT 4050, and Oktava MK012.  He says: “I did not account for the proximity effect in anyway. Each microphone is 12” from my face. It’s clear that this really thinned out a few of the microphones, but that is a lesson in and of itself.  For mics that have multiple patterns, I kept them in cardiod. I used no high pass filters on the mics, but I did have on engaged on the preamp. I used my Trident S20 preamp straight into a Mytek AD96 converter.”  Here’s the link to the comparison soundfile:  http://forum.recordingreview.com/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.recordingreview.com%2Faudio%2Fvoiceovers.zip. Like most other forums, you have to register to join.  The Recording Review Forum URL is: http://forum.recordingreview.com

7)  Paul J. Warwick posted in “Voice Over Friends” on FaceBook a link to a recording he did using the Pocket SoundBooth.  Here’s the link for the soundfile: http://www.airsla.org/broadcasts/PCWorld110423.mp3

I think that’s about it for today….have a great Monday!


April EQ Here

You know I love this mag.  It’s the best online virtual magazine format I’ve seen… and the content is made for voice-talent.

Actually the editors are shooting for an audience of studio engineers, musicians, technophiles, and audio geeks, but all the content, even the ads can benefit the voice actor as well.

The April Edition of EQ has articles on NAMM (Nat’l Assoc. of Music Merchants), with generous mention of all the latest iPad apps being developed for audio.  There’s an excellent article on frequency and mic polar patterns…tips for using  Ableton Live software, and ways to improve your final mixes.

Spend a couple of  minutes looking around, and I’ll bet you’ll end up staying longer than you thought you would.


Good Sound Advice

Dan Friedman was a hit at Faffcon2.

His friendly style, and masterful knowledge of audio production greatly benefitted all those attending.

Dan works at ProComm Voices…so his resume speaks for itself.

But Dan’s been busy authoring, too, and has a new book release.

This easy-to-read, 84-page guide explains the finer points of good audio in terms any VO could understand.

The book is SOUND ADVICE: VoiceOver from an Audio Engineer’s Perspective…and right now  Dan is offering a chance to win a copy of the book.

If technical audio-chain hardware/software issues are not your strong suit, Dan’s book will take away the mystery.

Nice work, Dan!


March EQ Online Mag

‘One of my favorite online magazines…regardless of  the medium.

Jam-packed with stuff for the studio, voice-talent, musicians, and audio-technophiles.  Heck, even the ads are worth it.

The format for online viewing is just tops.  You will enjoy reading this.

March 2011 Online Edition of EQ.


Living It

Three real-world examples of voice-actors at their craft.

Three testimonies from the VO  trenches.

Three VO niches YOU could achieve yourself.

First: That memorable Chrysler/Detroit/Eminem Ad we all saw during the Super-Bowl. Didja listen to the Voice Over voice?

Now meet the voice-actor, Kevin Yon, who says he delivered the signature line about a-hundred times before the producer was happy.
Read about Yon in the online version of the Detroit Free Press

Now see how Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West video game is put together with the talents of Lord of the Ring’s Andy Serkis (Gollum) doing the voice work.
Read about it on the Arstechica.com website.

Finally, motion picture star Emily Blunt (think: Devil Wears Prada) talks about the challenges of voice acting, and having a camera pointed at her so animators could mimic her facial movements,  for her recent performance in the new hit animation movie:  Gnomeo & Juliet. “It’s weird,” Blunt says.

Read about it on DigitalSpy.com

The recorded  human voice has never before been so in demand.

‘xcuse me, but I gotta go get to work!  The next job could be mine!