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Lively LinkedIn

Some of the most erudite, passionate, involved, and thought-provoking VO exchanges are taking place on LinkedIn these days.

Yes, LinkedIn…that serious sibling of the Social Media family.

Groups is where it’s at.  Ed Victor’s “Working Voice Actor Group” seems to be lively, although Lee Gordon’s “Voice Over Professionals” group is busy as well.

I say all this, ’cause I can’t help but chime in once in a while (JS Gilbert has this disease too).

A recent posting in the Working Voice Actor group had a producer from Vancouver saying:  “…I refuse to use It’s ridiculous. We have an ongoing need for experienced and professional Voice actors and announcers with their own home studio, complete with phone patch. We are a Vancouver-based co. that does a lot of work in the US. In most cases, our local talent prices themselves out of the market. I understand and support fair pay, but the market also dictates that, to a point. We need good character actors and interesting announcers. Anyone know of a good place to start to get great voices all in one place?…”

My answer was not one everyone wanted to hear.  Check it out on the LinkedIn Working Voice Actor group.


VOICE2010 Discount for SaVoa Members

The Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa) began organizing in earnest about the same time James Alburger, Penny Abshire, and Frank Frederick put together the first true convention for voiceover talent: The Voice Over International Creative Experience (VOICE).  Both were the natural progression of an industry coming of age.

VOICE held its first conference in Las Vegas in 2007, its 2nd in 2008 in Los Angeles, and the 3rd is scheduled this June…also in LA.

SaVoa is also steadily growing and gaining members, and for the first time, will be appearing in force at VOICE.

VOICE 2010 is scheduled for the first weekend in June, which puts it roughly 8 weeks away.  As an organization, SaVoa is moving to make its presence known to the attendees at VOICE 2010. This is consistent with its goals, good for its growth, and just smart marketing.

SaVoa is also encouraging members to attend VOICE, and has been working with James Alburger and Penny Abshire  to get the best deal possible for SaVoa members.

From now until April 25th, all SaVoa members are eligible for a 15% discount in the price of attending VOICE 2010.

But wait, there’s more!!!

In order to achieve SaVoa’s goals at VOICE 2010, SaVoa will incur some expenses. SaVoa have a booth for attendees to visit for personal contact with attending SaVOa members, along with small promotional items for all attendees to help promote SaVoa. We need your help to offset those expenses. If would like to donate to the effort, you can make a $20 donation and you will automatically be entered in a drawing – exclusive to SaVoa members only – for one free registration to the entire conference!  Non-SaVoa members are welcome to help in this endeavour by making a donation as well.

The deadline for the $20 drawing is April 15th.  Click on this link: http:// to make your donation. The winner will be announced on the 15th.
After the drawing for the free registration is held on April 15th, if you aren’t the winner, you can use the code SaVoa20 when registering, to apply your $20 donation to your registration fee on top of the 15% discount.  Again, your donation helps defray the cost of SaVoa’s presence at VOICE 2010.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special pricing. Feel free to contact your SaVoa Advisory Board member if you have any questions, or contact Dave Courvoisier at 702-610-6288 or Dan Lenard  716-689-8179. If you’ve ALREADY registered for VOICE 2010, and you’re a SaVoa member, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the discount.

SaVoa members, please see check your recent e-mail from Board Member Thom Wilkins for the special SaVoa member registration codes and links you can use to get your discount.

We’ll see you at VOICE 2010!


SaVoa Testimonials

Even Andy Boyns is in this video…all the more reason to see this short film that unabashedly promotes the virtues of a SaVoa membership.

This is put together in an effort to continue to grow SaVoa into a respectable guild within the industry.

Are you a member?


Click the link below.

SaVoa Testimonials

SaVoa Metamorphosis

savoa newsletter The Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa) is making moves.  Changes.  Opportunities.  Growing in all the right directions.

If you’re a member and you haven’t yet noticed the emailing from SaVoa Advisory Board Chairman Thom Wilkins, then click HERE to see the February newsletter.

Please pay special attention to click on the link for the SaVoa Testimonial video, and the BIG announcement in the final paragraph about a new online community exclusively for SaVoa members.


SaVoa’s Affiliate Program Explained

savoa affiliateWe thought it would be easy.  It wasn’t.

The SaVoa Advisory Board (SAB) meets regularly…now more regularly, as the affiliate program picks up speed.  Who can be an affiliate?  Who can nominate?  What’s the process of approval…or disapproval?  We’ve been wrestling with these questions while trying to uphold the good name of SaVoa.

Answers to those questions and more in a blog article I wrote for the website.

When you visit there, you’ll noticing rotating logos (like Rob Sciglimpaglia’s on the left — he was our first affiliate).  Those are just some of the changes members will benefit from because of affiliates.

HERE‘s the link to the blog article…and if you haven’t considered joining our ranks yet…please do.  (shortest sales pitch of 2009).


SaVoa Year-End Newsletter

santaSanta outdid himself with some great info on the December SaVoa newsletter.

Executive Board member Thom Wilkins does an outstanding job designing this and making it interesting.  Affiliates explained, new members introduced, and a few other things you probably didn’t know about the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists.

Click HERE (or on Santa) to see the whole thing.


SaVoa Newsletter is HERE

savoa newsletter The Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists is making strides.  Important steps to bring advantages to its members, and respect the profession.

Disclaimer:  I’m a member of SaVoa and belong to the SaVoa Advisory Board, therefore I’m biased in favor of an organization that is legitimizing the business of voice acting in meaningful ways.  Guilty.

If you are not a member of SaVoa…please consider it.  Your talent and technical expertise will be reviewed fairly in standards acceptable to the profession by a panel of peers.

In the meantime, please read the info-packed newsletter found HERE, to see the exciting announcement of our affiliate program, along with other timely articles.