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Friday Digest

‘Actually a couple of updates to some posts earlier this week.

First, from Wednesday:  I told you I was featured in a special book on small business entrepreneurs written by Internet Biz Coach Jim Kukral. The book has just been released and you can see a free offer when you click on Internet Marketing for Business Answers. (a completely no-cost copy of the audio book just by sharing the book on social media)

Here’s what Jim Kukral says about the contents:  “In this book you will learn the secrets of business from over 18 super-skilled ninja experts who talk about things like affiliate marketing, word of mouth, search, sales, podcasting, landing pages, making money online and much more. It’s the ultimate insider, private consulting session, all in one volume, to read at your convenience. Imagine spending over $50,000 to sit down and spend an hour with all of these people? That’s what this book is.”

My contribution is a podcast interview I did with Jim a few months back.  You can listen to that podcast.  You can also download a copy onto any Kindle app.


Yesterday hundreds of people read my blog on “8 VO Clichés We Love to Hate“, and several of you commented positively.  One person, though, wrote with an emphatic correction on item #5, having to do with Unions.  What was I thinking?  I might as well have excoriated a major national political figure…or railed against the eccentricities of one or the other of two popular computer operating systems (I think you know what I mean).

I don’t think the issue of talent unions can be brought up without the discussion reverting eventually to a full-out debate.  But I digress.

Noted VO Coach and voice talent Bettye Zoller took great exception to my summary judgement of union membership and said:  Dave this is WRONG WRONG. I have done many many national AFTRA SAG JOBS with fab residuals over the years and I am based in Dallas. I knoew so many people living everywhere in the U.S. from New England to Georgia to S. Carolina to Chicago who do union jobs, local, regional, or national. And that’s another item you are incorrect in saying: Only national work? OH NO. All work, even local, pays more on a union contract. And you NEED NOT JOIN A UNION TO WORK UNION. It is the PRODUCER/CLIENT/COMPANY who determines if it is a union job or not.”

I’ll be talking to Bettye about this, and may even ask her to guest blog, or at least maybe post a Q & A with her about this.


Finally, if you haven’t read Paul Strikwerda’s latest blog — after nearly a month’s-worth of social media silence, then maybe you should trot on over and read:  Egotistical Bastard.



Seen This?

Harlan Hogan and Dan O’day threw a pretty good teleseminar the other day answering questions on all kinds of things related to running your own VO business like a business.  ‘Worth a listen.  They wrote yesterday to say:  If you missed the Q&A voiceover teleseminar we conducted Wednesday night, you still can hear it on our Replay Line……but only until Friday.  REPLAY LINE TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1-760-569-7699  Access Code:  ******   1  2  8  8  8  3 ******

The VoiceOver Talent Daily comes out….er…every day I guess, and is sent to a Twitter list of followers.  I’m not sure who puts this together (anybody know?), but it’s a nice collection of stuff, and yesterday, I was in it!  Yay!  I love it when I’m published!  Check it out THE VOICEOVER TALENT DAILY.


Detroit Chop Shop is offering a nice discount right now on a Sound Effects Collection. 20% off in May, and yesterday they were offering 10 free downloads.  Check out the Sony Creative Software Mike’s Picks for May Newsletter to see details and links.


Thinking about a tablet computer?  See a great article by ZDNet on the Top 10 Tablets of 2011, The New LeaderBoard.
Yes, the iPad2 tops the list, but there are some real comers, now, and most of the other contenders are sporting some version of the Google Android OS.  Plus some have features the iPad doesn’t, like a USB port, higher resolution cam, and even better pricing.


10 SOCIAL MEDIA STATS THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU. Like #3: Women are more likely to go on Facebook multiple times per day.  Or #2: Men are more likely to use Twitter or YouTube.  This is a quick one-page read.  These simple trends can help you design a decent online presence if you work ‘em into your strategy and pay attention.  For instance, the highest number of readers on this blog are always Tues-Wed-Thurs.  See?  Caught ya!




John Taylor Revelation

On my Voice-Over Friends Group on FaceBook, Voice Over Pro John Taylor launches a revolutionary idea that (to my knowledge) no one had come up with before.

Here’s John’s verbatim posting on FB:  “…Here’s an idea….not sure a remote client will pay? …upload their tracks to soundcloud…lock the track to prevent download…have the client listen and approve, then have ‘em make a PayPal payment and then unlock the track for download. Your free soundcloud account gives you 2 hours of audio any format. WAV AIF MP3 etc…”

Perfect!  Thanks, John!

You ARE on SoundCloud, right?…great site for storing, sharing, distributing, and otherwise making available your sound files and demos.  Yeah, there’s a subscription fee, but it’s quite reasonable, and you can choose levels of membership.

Link Digest

Get in the right groove, and all your VO friends turn into vast repositories of great information.

Anyone who attended FaffCon could tell you that.

Lately, though a veritable treasure-trove of good stuff is coming down the pike….too much to blog individually about, so I hope you won’t mind my just listing them below:

Pronouncer Redux

To continue in the vein from yesterday’s blog about different pronunciation sites (‘love ‘em!), Kat Keesling adds, a full-scale American Dialect map based on pronunciation patterns.  Fascinating!  If you love maps at all (‘love those too!) you will linger here quite a while.

Marketing  Resource

Dana Detrick-Clark posted a link to BootStrapping Blog: Ideas to Make Marketing a Small Business Easy.  Since successful VO’ing is about 80% marketing/promotions/client finding and 20% voicing, I ALWAYS pay attention to new marketing ideas.  This one has promise.  I added its RSS feed to my Google Reader.  I’ll even throw in my perennial favorite in this field:  Jon Jantsch’s DuctTapeMarketing blog.

Audio Body Shop

Wow!…talk about the perfect POWER match-up.  VO Friends Dan Lenard and George Whittam are joining forces in a new venture called East West Audio Body Shop.  They have a FaceBook page, and a LinkedIn page for more info.  Dan is the “Home Studio Master”, and George….well, George is a master of pretty much all things audio. Together, they plan a series of life video seminars  they call:  “…A new interactive, online talk show for voice actors with their own home voice over studios….” More on this in the days to come.


My VO friend in Canada, Ralph Hass posted an excellent blog lately with references to his friend Lori Welbourne’s column on the Art of Happiness.  This is a quick guide to successful entrepreneurship.  Thanks Ralph!


How Many British Accents Can You Name?

You don’t have to.  Apparently, it’s been done for us.

This tip compliments of the HoldOnLog newsletter.  HoldOnLog is an online resource for actors of all stripes…so it’s worth a visit for their take on things.

They also offer what they call “Performer Track Webware“.  It’s a tool for managing your acting business.

The info below is from their “Performer Nation” Newsletter a link to a wonderful free BBC site that breaks down Britain into each dialect geographically, and offers a listen to the differences between each one.


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