Laying Down the Law

More than a week ago, I asked people on my Voice-Over Friends FaceBook group to participate in a survey.  This is decidedly not scientific, or as they say in statistics:  the study has no power or significance.  But as a case study, it reveals a trend in this decidedly biased VO population on the FB group.

31 people participated in revealing how much of their income comes from Voice-over work or some “other” source.

Here are the results:

(click to enlarge)


Most of us probably wish we were in the most populous group, but the fact is that many working voice actors supplement their family income and pay their expenses with income from another line of work…sometimes (as in my case) a career chosen much earlier.

Robert Sciglimpaglia is one of those.  A practicing attorney, it’s clear Robert’s passion lies in acting.  He scored big earlier this year, appearing in a Super Bowl ad.  He has earned respect in the voice-over community by freely offering his expertise where and when it’s needed.  He gets to the point in a way anyone can understand.

Robert Sciglimpaglia

Now he’s published a legal guide for voice actors through John Florian’s site.  ‘Voice Over Legal’ is not boring or overly lengthy, but lays out the facts on any number of topics that help the VO establish their business soundly.

Chapter headings include:

Business Structure
Liability Issues
Intellectual Property Issues
Agents and Managers

Read about the book, hear what other VO experts say about it, see the video, and click to buy the book here:

You can also read the PRESS RELEASE – VOICE OVER LEGAL ON SALE 4-17-12, which fleshes out more information on the book.

Congratulations, Rob!  You make us all better!


Oscars’ Male Voice

The voice at the Oscars (this year, two: Melissa Disney and Tom Kane)

Tom Kane.  The guy does it all.  Star Wars.  The Wild Thornberry’s.  Animation. Narration. The Smurfs, and more.

The mark of a good voice for the show that is seen by 100′s of millions around the world?
(1) You barely notice he’s there.
(2) He never makes a mistake.
(3) He’s worked hard to get there.

Check out Tom Kane’s IMDb

Here’s a great article about how Tom Kane prepared for the show (his 4th!). (Kansas City is proud of one of its favorite sons!)  It also explains all the other announcing he does behind the scenes at the show.

Also, here’s a quick YouTube video showing some of his versatility off-the-cuff.

Nice going Tom!

Melissa tomorrow.


A Healthy Narration

16357783Yay for Kat Keesling, Diane Havens and many of my other buds from VO Universe and the VO-BB who organized and contributed to the reading of the proposed health care reform bill.

See NY Times write-up HERE.

See VO-BB forum thread HERE.

Visit the official site HERE. (you can also volunteer to read)

One of the voice-talents, Chriss Mezzolesta gets interviewed on TV for the story HERE.


Oscar for Voice-Over? (10 performances that should’ve won)

Oscar with mic posts a great "what-if" article about voice acting.

 Click HERE to read the top 10 voiceover performances worthy of an Oscar.



The Law of Voice

You'd think a guy who worked hard to pass the bar in New York, wouldn't want to waste his time vying for the lean profits of voiceacting these days (hey, wait-a-minute…you could say the same for high-priced news anchors, I guess!)…but there's Robert Sciglimpaglia…big as life smiling his way through a great career in voice.

I first met Robert at VOICE 2008, and was impressed that he moved so gracefully between the legalese of contracts and courts as well as the challenges of microphones and marketing.

Robert left a big law firm, to hang his own shingle, specifically so he could have the flexibility to express his creative side…on the side.

He manages a wonderful balance in both fields.

I say all that to lead up to THIS link, which explains in even better detail how and why Robert does it.

Congrats, Robert…I can say, "I knew you when…"


Voicey Awards

Voicey's 3rd-annual Voicey Awards are accepting nominations. 

"The Voicey Awards recognize voice actors and voice talents for their
contributions and efforts over the year in the voice over industry."
…according to the website.

This is a nice way to make sure someone you admire gets kudos for their work as a voice actor.

Click HERE to nominate and learn more.


Brian Haymond & Daughters

Tip o' the hat to Brian Haymond, all-around good guy, good voice actor, and good father who has involved his daughters in his voice work and charity work.

THIS is a link to a public relations site, but worthwhile reading for all the right reasons.



Yay Haymond!

When you consort with award-winning talent, all you can hope is that some of it rubs off on you from time to time.

I hear from Brian Haymond regularly in response to ideas we share, blog articles, and challenges in the business. Now come to find out Brian gets a big part of the credit for a "…prestigious 2009 National Religious Broadcasters Media Award for Best Television Commercial of the Year."

That's a quote from a great write-up in Nov 20th's Voice Over Times.

Take a couple of minutes to read about the spot, as well as his involvement with Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, and his admirable commitment to helping some of the more disadvantaged in our world today.

Waytago Brian!!!!….and thanks to for doing such an informative piece on Brian.

BTW, keep an eye on in the next couple of days, they're making a lot of rumblings over there in the Great White North about their newly designed website they say they've been working on for a year or more.  The premiere comes out very soon, and if David and Stephanie Ciccarelli's reputation for excellence is any indication, the new site is bound to be top-notch.



U. S. of O’Connell

Professional voice actor and president of Audio’connell, Voice Over Talent Peter O’Connell was chosen as the voice of “Uncle Sam” for a recent Tops Friendly Markets radio campaign.

‘Love it when deserving people get good breaks, good jobs, and good cred.

Nice going, Peter.  

Read all about it HERE.

Find Peter’s website HERE.



Some Audio Guy….

…is a busy guy!Juan Carlos Bagnell

Juan Carlos Bagnell mostly goes by the moniker in the title of this blog, but he’s more than just another guy…

Juan appears in the current edition of VoiceOverExtra, with a great article on proper breathing techniques…and he’s also successfully completed a stint as a voice in the Harrah’s Casino web add/game. He plays a character called “The
Nibbler” (doing a REALLY bad impersonation of David Hyde Pierce as
Niles). You can play the game HERE.

Nice goin’ Juan!