Audie Nominees Announced

This is a big deal to a lot of people who toil in the storytelling, narrating, and long-format branch of the voice over family tree.  In fact, the Audio Publishers Association (APA) would probably not even agree that they’re associated with voice-overs…they more identify with actors…so voice-actors is better, I guess.

Indeed, many of the names nominated for this year’s awards are recognizable actors for film and TV credits…so this is no light-weight list.

Click on the APA link announcing the nominees to see how deep, broad, and textured is the list of entries.


VoiceOvers @ the Oscars

Most twittered comment about the female VoiceOver for the Oscars Sunday night:

“She just said ‘pitcher’ again, instead of ‘picture’.”

Second most twittered comment about the female VoiceOver for the Oscars Sunday night:

“Did she really say ‘Barber’ Streisand?” (she did)

That female voiceover for the Oscars, BTW is Gina Tuttle.  I had not heard of her, but thought she did a pretty good job with nice energy.

HERE is a link with more about Gina.

And didja hear about the SNAFU Jeff Bridges got himself into with one of his best voiceover clients?  Hyundai was all set to run a rash of spots on the Oscars, but was turned-down for a conflict-of-interest.  Read HERE and HERE all the details.  Hyundai ran the ads anyway, but used several other celebs as substitutes for Bridges.  Hey, Hyundai…how ’bout trying out some PROFESSIONAL voice-actors???  Hmmm?

Finally, did you notice for the first time in over 20 years presenters were allowed to say: “…and the WINNER is…” instead of that contrived phrase: “…the Oscar goes to…”

I’m so glad they made that change.  If you happened to have missed the Oscars, what’s the first question you ask. Uh-huh….”Who WON”?


Hodgman on Emmys

hodgman_1   The guy making the quips and obtuse voiceover remarks at the Emmys Sunday night was American voice-over artist, author, actor and humorist John Hodgman.

  He was twittering from the booth, too.  Here’s his Twitter profile:

   You’d immediately recognize him as the PC-guy in the PC vs. Mac commercials of recent months, and as a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  Oddly enough, he had nothing to say as Jon came to the stage to accept HIS emmy.

The more traditional Voice-acting duties of announcing during the show were handled by Hillary Huber.  Hillary is also known for her prowess narrating Audiobooks, and I was lucky enough to study with her during Pat Fraley’s workshop last year at Buzzy’s Studio. 

Excellent job Hillary!


Voicey Awards

Yeah, I'm a day late and a dollar short with this notice, but there MIGHT still be some who haven't gotten word.

VOICES.COM's VOX Daily blogsite announces the winners of this year's (the 3rd annual) VOICEY awards.

Here's what you should do with this list.  Click on every one of the winners and those nominated.  Listen to all of their demos.  In fact, you should be listening to everyone's demo…good and bad…all the time.  It helps you know what's getting attention — what you should maybe be doing — and what you definitely should NOT be doing. 

That's not your invitation to copy anyone else's style.  But it DOES give you a clue of how the good ones are managing their most prized possession — their demo.

Click HERE to see the VOX Daily blog on the Voiceys.