12 Trends: MUST READ!

Every year, David Ciccarelli — the technical genius behind VOICES.com — delivers a wealth of VO research in an easily digestible report.

His latest survey on the “state of the union” for voice-acting is out, and it’s called 12 Trends for 2012.

If you’re a VOICES.com subscriber, you may have already received your email link to this study.

Puh-leeze take the time to read this.  It may be THE MOST important data you will review this year.  The conclusions Ciccarelli reaches are nothing short of seminal and brilliant.  Yes, it is somewhat of a commercial for Voices.com, but there’s plenty of meat (or soy, if you’re a vegetarian) here for anyone to chew on beyond the Voices.com references.

Here’s the link again:  12 Trends for 2012.




VO Infographic from Voices.com

David Ciccarelli of VOICES.COM’s been busy crunching numbers again.

He writes with some of the latest stats he’s compiled for our business.  (I hate calling it an “industry”.  That term is so….19th century!) Let’s face it…a business that doesn’t keep track of its numbers isn’t really playing it smart.  (R U keeping track of your website traffic?)

This latest release includes figures on:

* Number of Jobs
* Average Payment Per Job
* Highest Payment Per Job
* Total Amount Earned by Voice Talent
* Which Job Categories are in the Highest Demand
* Which Languages are Most Requested
David says these numbers are based upon the last several years of data they’ve collected at Voices.com.

See the graphic on their website…below is the info in narrative form.

  • 155,915 Voice Over Jobs
  • This figure represents the total number of public, private and direct message job opportunities that have been awarded to voice talent at Voices.com.
  • $252.97 Average Payment for a Voice Over Job.
  • From business recordings, product demonstrations and online tutorials to phone system recordings, :15 and :30 second radio commercials and even podcast intros and outtros, many of the projects posted at Voices.com range between $100 and $500, resulting in average payments of $252.97.
  • The Highest Paying Voice Over Job was $37,000
  • The highest paying project to a single voice talent that we are aware of was for $37,000. This voice talent prefers to remain anonymous, however several others have earned five figure sums for extensive eLearning applications, a 50,000 word phone system, national television commercials and other dream projects.  Other projects which have involved multiple talent have even reached into the six figure realm and recently Voices.com has launched the new Enterprise Edition to serve some of the largest organizations in the world.
  • $39,290,580 in Total Earnings by Voice Talent at Voices.com
If you have been wondering about the jobs being posted or if talent are booking on Voices.com, this number is of great comfort. Voices.com is fulfilling its mission to connect businesses with professional voice talent all around the world. 10,000+ people have earned a respectable income from doing voice overs with Voices.com serving as a key part of their marketing strategy.

Thanks Ciccarelli’s!



Actually today’s blog is an even, half ‘n’ half, two-fer.  Let me explain.

First, I’ve got the results of an interesting survey about how people do their search for voice over talent.

Secondly, how I GOT the results is a story in itself.



I asked 100 people how they would look for a voice over talent for their project:

A)  Ask a search engine using the word “voice over”?
B)  Ask a friend for a referral?

The results came out an exact 60/40. 

60% said they would ask a search engine, and 40% said they’d ask a friend for a referral.

Yeah, CourVO, but who ARE the people you surveyed…how old?…what gender, education, pay-scale, and ethnicity?  Hmmm???

THIS is where the second part of today’s two-fer comes in.


I didn’t get to choose my respondents, but I didn’t have to worry about that, ’cause  Pickfu handled it.  Yeah, Pickfu.

Pickfu.com is an amazingly simple site.  You pose one question.  Add two choices:  A & B, then pay $5 for 50 responses or $9 for 100 responses, and sit back and wait.  My survey took about 2 days to get the full (guaranteed, BTW) 100 responses, but a healthy number started coming in almost immediately.

And not just the hard numbers and the percentages.  Pickfu breaks down the exact demographics of your results in bar charts, pie charts, AND provides verbatims from each respondent as to why they replied the way they did.  All for $9!!!  ‘Seems like a bargain to me.

This was just a test…I came up with the Q & A off the top of my head in a couple of seconds, and within 4 minutes from when I landed on the site for the first time, my survey was launched.  Yeah…that easy.

The complete results of my Voice Over survey include a very thorough summary…more than I really expected for $9.00.  Be sure to scroll all the way down past the verbatims to the pie charts, and the demographics.  There are three tabs at the top that let you view the breakdowns.

Nifty, eh?


Voice of Politics

Just yesterday, the Senatorial election in Alaska was decided — finally.  Can we say the dust has settled on the 201 General Election now?

Sure, but before you so, chime in on a VO survey willya?

John Florian of VoiceOverXtra is asking voice over peeps to take a survey: “…to learn ANONYMOUSLY the experiences and attitudes of voice talents who voiced political ads during this year’s wild mid-term election…”

John is quick to stress that this is not a survey on political beliefs – rather, it’s about the experiences of voice talents this year.

Take a minute and help flesh out the stats?

Here’s the link: http://conta.cc/Survey-PolAds.

When the results are in, you’ll find out about it here!